About Us

Vibe was established in 2011 and began as a small family-run clothing store in the mountains of Nelson, BC. Since then, we've grown and expanded into both an in-store and online shopping experience.

Our mission is to provide a unique, high quality and fashionable wardrobe that keeps you comfortable and feeling confident. 

We carry new styles every season and guarantee women of all ages and sizes will find something they love.

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Vibe Apparel was opened in Nelson, BC by owner, Karen Schacher. We started as a small retail store carrying casual, unique clothes for mothers, their daughters and grandmothers. Since day one, Karen has been showcasing all the different styles through weekly Facebook try-on videos. 




Since opening, Vibe has grown and expanded into the online world of retail. Karen’s daughter began Vibe Online in 2017 which started the beginning of our next chapter.
We now send packages to hundreds of loyal customers every week with a close knit team who steams, hand-packs, and ships each and every order.
Women of all ages and sizes have loved watching the store grow and evolve through the weekly videos, and we are so excited to be able to bring in a huge variety of new styles every season!
As we continue to grow, Vibe remains a family-run business at heart with Karen’s husband and children heavily involved. We’re so grateful for all of your support in our small business. We wouldn’t be here without you!